Path 1 Creates iMux IP-to-ASI Gateway

Path 1 has developed the iMux, an IP-to-ASI gateway that performs synchronization, conversion and multiplexing of IP streams received by a gigabit Ethernet interface into MPEG streams transmitted over DVB-ASI interfaces. The iMux is interoperable with most major VOD servers, and is being incorporated into Scientific-Atlanta's new gigabit Ethernet transport (Prisma GbE) system, which will make on-demand services available to more consumers in the near future.

Operators can use it to narrowcast video streams to digital set-tops from any server instead of building dedicated channels between a server and a set-top. Up to 160 IP-encapsulated MPEG-2 video streams can be delivered at increased throughput rates to QAM modulators in a distributed HFC network. It compensates for network jitter issues inherent in an IP network by ensuring proper timing and synchronization of video streams, so it is able to deliver programs at a high quality despite high network load levels and from remote locations.