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Panasonic Reveals Newest Entry-Level Camera

SECAUCUS, N.J.: Panasonic recently introduced their newest entry-level, shoulder-mount AVCHD camcorder.

The AG-AC7PJ features full HD resolution recording to SD memory card in six recording modes; four for 1080i HD and two for 480i SD. The camera boasts a high-res 3.32-megapixel ¼.1-in. MOS imager and a wide-angle 38.5.8mm lens which, when combined with the Intelligent Zoom function, can reportedly achieve telephoto shots of up to 23x magnification.

Regarding body features, the AG-AC7PJ weighs less than 4 pounds and offers a large grip and zoom lever and a wide-diameter, manual focus ring for ease of use.

Geared towards the beginner videographer, the camcorder is equipped with an Intelligent Auto function that reportedly detects the current shooting conditions and activates the functions to deliver the best picture. Automatic functions include image stabilization, contrast, scene selector and wind noise canceller.

Manual functions include manual focus, manual iris, manual shutter speed, manual white balance and on-screen assist functions (Zebra Pattern/Luminance Level/Histogram).

The AG-AC7PJ is available now at the manufacturer suggested price of $1,300.