Panasonic releases P2 Mobile

The AJ-HPM100 P2 HD mobile recorder allows professionals to work in both the AV/IT worlds, or in HD/SD.
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The 65in TH-65PF9UK (shown) and the other Panasonic 1080p HD pro plasma displays produce the entire color range specified in the HDTV standard (ITU-R, BT709).

Panasonic has begun shipping the AJ-HPM100, dubbed the P2 Mobile, the first portable P2 HD recorder/player.

The P2 Mobile is the bridge that allows professionals to work in both the AV and IT worlds, or in HD or SD, and links the P2 file format and base-band video.

In its compact, magnesium die-cast body, the P2 Mobile features multiformat recording and playback with a six-slot P2 card reader, inputs/outputs that include HD-SDI, IEEE 1394, USB 2.0, an SD memory card slot, broadcast-level editing controls and a 9in widescreen HD LCD monitor with stereo speakers.

The P2 Mobile offers the benefits of on-the-go recording, editing and playback, as well as up/down/crossconversion between 1080i and 720p and between HD and SD. It also supports the new AVC-Intra format as an option.

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