Panasonic Releases LiveU Uplink Software Option for HPX600

OSAKA, JAPAN-- Panasonic has released a software upgrade key for the P2 AG-HPX600 camcorder that integrates LiveU video uplink compatibility. The AG-SFU603G software upgrade key integrates LiveU’s LU40 portable uplink technology with Panasonic’s new AG-HPX600 HD camera recorder. The expanded functionality can be activated via the software key after installation of the software upgrade; the upgrade is being released simultaneously on the AG-HPX600 camera.

LiveU’s LU40 unit and the AG-HPX600 are interconnected via the SDI and USB. Live camera video (HD/SD signals) can be transmitted through up to six connections via the LU40. This upgrade will allow the uplink ‘start-and-stop’ to be controlled from the AG-HPX600, and the LU40 status to be displayed on the AG-HPX600 viewfinder, enabling camera operators to relay live video securely.

An optional upgrade system has been introduced in the AG-HPX600 P2 camera recorder so that only necessary functions, such as an Internet connection (AG-SFU601G) and VFR recording (AG-SFU602G), etc., are installed. Following this latest AG-SFU603G upgrade, other technologies, such as microP2 card and AVC-ULTRA codec will also be supported.

Starting with the LiveU collaboration, Panasonic will strengthen its partnerships with various companies providing uplink solutions to offer customers new ways of operation based on the P2 camera recorders' network capability.

The AG-SFU603G software upgrade key will be available in February at a suggested list price of 31,500 yen in Japan. The software can be downloaded from Panasonic’s website on the AG-HPX600 camera. The software upgrade key can then be purchased and activated.