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Panasonic Announces Updates for AG-HPX300

Panasonic Broadcast recently announced the availability of a free flash band compensation firmware update for its AG-HPX300 P2 HD camcorder product.

The new firmware targets CMOS imager performance improvement and also compensated for the "flash band" effect seen in many CMOS imaging systems. This is an artifact seen in connection with the use of the rolling shutter feature in such imagers.

The new firmware allows the camera to use a specially developed LSI signal process to remove such "flash" artifacts from the video output by detecting the "flash band" and combining it with a previously generated video frame to compensate for the divided flash band frames.

The update can be found here. An associated instructional video presentation is also available on You Tube.

Panasonic says that the upgrade will also make the HPX300 more compatible with the new E Series of P2 storage cards.