Panasonic adds 24p capability to box-style HD camera

Targeting the 3-D and episodic TV production communities, Panasonic Solutions Company has enhanced its AK-HC1800 compact box-style camera with the ability to capture images at 1080/24p HD resolution.

At the CES show, the company demonstrated two HC1800 cameras shooting at 1080/24p mounted on a 3-D rig supplied by Bexel. The camera with the new 1080/24p output capability will be available in spring 2011.

The 3.3lb HC1800 camera has been deployed in applications ranging from broadcast studios, sports and entertainment venues. With its new capabilities, the 2/3in 2.2-megapixel 3-CCD camera now delivers high-resolution HD images in 1080/59.94i, 1080/24ps and 1080/23.94psf. The camera also offers a single-channel transfer system and spatial offset processing features that reduce aliasing and provide finer resolution. Signal-to-noise ratio is 60dB with a high sensitivity of F10 (at 2000 lx).

The HC1800 incorporates a host of innovative technologies, including a 14-bit A/D converter with a 38-bit digital signal processor (DSP) for pristine high-resolution images, and a 12-axis color correction circuit that allows for fine adjustments of hue and saturation. It offers many picture-enhancing functions including CineGamma curve to produce images that match the look of film, and Panasonic’s exclusive Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) function to greatly improve results when shooting scenes with widely varying degrees of illumination.

The camera unit comes equipped with a standard HD-SDI output for flexible operation in remote studio production, sports and tower camera applications. It also features genlock, a mini 15-pin connector for power and control, tally function, iris and zoom/focus controls, motor-driven optical filters (Clear, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND), DC 12V operation and a low power consumption of 17W.