PAG Announces RED Camera Battery

PAG, a manufacturer of power sources for professional cameras, has announced the availability of new product specially designed to power the Red One camera. The L95eR battery is a new version of the company’s L95e lithium ion model, and provides a 95 Watt-hour capacity.

The L95eR is a 14.8 Volt unit that can deliver up to 7 Amps continuously. It also communicates with the Red One’s viewfinder to provide involving the battery’s state of charge during shooting. The display feature also provides an indication of remaining run time.

The new battery is designed to power the Red One for up to one hour and 15 minutes of continuous operation, and two L95eRs can be combined with a PAG Power Plate mounting system to provide extended run times.

The Red One battery weighs 1.65 pounds and is a compact 5.1x3.4x1.85-inches.