Packet Vision, TANDBERG Television lay foundations for frame-accurate addressable advertising over IPTV

Packet Vision and TANDBERG Television have partnered to deliver an advanced targeted advertising solution. The companies have built what they believe to be the world's only solution capable of delivering truly frame-accurate splicing in H.264 over IPTV, which is a key component in ensuring seamless delivery of addressable advertising.

The solution was used to provide addressable advertising to university students subscribed to Inuk's Freewire service — an IPTV network that provides triple-play services to universities across the UK. Ads played out during Channel 4 commercial breaks that weren't relevant to students were replaced with ads for a major UK convenience food brand during May. It was the second such campaign to be completed successfully.

Both campaigns were achieved using Packet Vision's addressable advertising service and employed Packet Vision's PV1000 and TANDBERG's EN8030 encoder. The PV1000 is Packet Vision's fully integrated appliance with ad server, splicer and router. Powered by the Video Switching Engine, the PV1000 is designed to provide optimum addressability and unparalleled video quality to the network edge. The TANDBERG EN8030 encoder is based on the company's award-winning MPEG-4 AVC compression platform and provides a feature-rich solution to deliver the best quality pictures at the lowest bit rates. A frame-accurate splice was defined as a splice occurring with an error margin of no more than two frames.

Accurate splicing is an essential element of ad insertion or replacement and, therefore, a basic but critical component of addressable advertising. Without such accuracy, ad spots can either cut into the spots that follow them or run short — leaving holes in the commercial break when an ad is inserted or showing the original ad when that ad is replaced.

Packet Vision provided TANDBERG Television with a sophisticated analysis of Channel 4's programming feed and with the tools required to fine-tune the legacy TANDBERG E5720 MPEG-2 encoder and the new EN8030 MPEG-4 AVC encoder — making them the only encoders currently available that can enable such frame-accurate splicing. The solution developed through collaboration between Packet Vision and TANDBERG Television adheres to SCTE35 and SCTE104 standards.

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