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Pace Micro showcases set-top gateway

Pace Micro Technology, a developer of digital set-top box technology, has demonstrated the first Motorola-based DOCSIS Set-top Gateway (DSG) solution for the U.S. set-top market.

Pace’s DSG technology is incorporated in its DC515 set-top, part of a new family of Pace products. The DC515 exploits the full potential of out-of-band communications —most importantly simultaneous use of high-bandwidth broadband.

The unit offers live DSG messaging — two-way out-of-band data delivered via DSG data tunnels, replacing the legacy DVS-178 out-of-band messages. It also has simultaneous DOCSIS Internet access with connectivity for online multiplayer gaming through a games console. There is no impact on the TV viewing; programs can be recorded on a VCR while games are being played.

The Pace unit offers concurrent real-time video-over-IP streaming to a PC. This allows the full potential of DOCSIS two-way wireline speed using the DC515’s DOCSIS cable modem connectivity (down to packet sizes of 200 bytes).

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