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Orca and SeaChange team for VOD in cable and telecom

Orca Interactive and SeaChange International, have announced an agreement for sales and marketing activities to target VOD opportunities in the global telecom market and with cable television operators outside North America.

The companies will jointly market the SeaChange VOD system integrated with Orca's middleware as a complete platform supporting an array of on-demand services.

The fault-resilient SeaChange VOD system supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streams and advanced codecs, including H.264 and Microsoft Windows Media 9, for streaming on-demand movies and television programs over DSL, FTTH networks and HFC cable networks.

The SeaChange VOD system, integrated with Orca's RiGHTv telco-grade middleware - RiGHTv XVOD (eXtended Video-on-Demand) and RiGHTv XBIP (eXtended Broadcast over IP) middleware-delivers and manages enhanced entertainment services such as movies and other programming on-demand, live channels, electronic program guides, near-VOD and PVR.

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