Orad and Ross Video combine technology to streamline production

Orad Hi-Tec Systems and Ross Video have joined together to offer an integrated solution that allows a single operator to manage the production of 3-D graphic elements. It includes Orad’s Maestro graphic system and Ross’ OverDrive Automated Production Control (APC) system.

Using the new solution, the Maestro system’s graphic elements are inserted into a newsroom rundown using Orad’s ActiveX plug-in. The OverDrive APC system synchronizes the Maestro-generated 3-D graphics with all other production devices. The tightly integrated MOS workflow between OverDrive and Maestro allows for last second on-the-fly changes to be taken to air cleanly.

The Maestro offers a real-time preview of animated graphics, user rights management, a template-based architecture for 3-D graphics, and tight integration to all major newsroom systems (including iNEWS, ENPS and Dalet).

The Orad Maestro platform is the latest addition to Ross’ growing list of MOS-enabled device interfaces. Designed by Ross using the latest Java technologies and an IT class client/server architecture, OverDrive allows an operator to frame-accurately control video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, multiple graphic channels and more. In newsroom applications, the LiveLink MOS connection to the newsroom control system enables direct control of production rundowns and MOS-enabled devices.

For more information, visit www.orad.tv and www.rossvideo.com.