Opticomm introduces new fiber multiplexer for digital Video

Opticomm recently introduced the DVX-5400, a new multiplexer that transmits four channels of uncompressed serial digital video across one laser.

The DVX-5400 is the latest addition in the DigiBand® line. It uses Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to create an efficient transmission system that eliminates the need for one laser per channel of video. It also eliminates the need for assigning an independent bandwidth to each channel, leaving it available for other assignments.

Through TDM, the DVX-5400 assigns recognition keys to each channel, which travels across the optical fiber to the receiver. These keys identify the start of each channel and place them in their proper doorway. Each packet of four channels can be transmitted at the same bandwidth with its own place in the time continuum.

For more information visit www.opticomm.com.

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