Omneon SPECTRUM Takes TPT Tapeless

(January 27, 2004) Sunnyvale, CA--Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) has deployed the Omneon SPECTRUM Media Server System, along with Florical broadcast automation, to ingest content recorded during local legislature sessions and from PBS promotional feeds, and to access those files directly with Final Cut Pro editing systems.
The Omneon server system's ability to interface with new and existing broadcast systems over TPT's local area network and compatibility with standard NLE file formats has enabled the facility to shift its production activities to a tapeless environment. As a result, every producer can view ingested and finished product stored on the Omneon SPECTRUM server from any PC in the building.
"As the core element of our production workflow, the Omneon SPECTRUM system is what made our shift to a tapeless environment possible," said Bruce Jacobs, chief technologist at Twin Cities Public Television. "The biggest jaw-drop was for our producers when they realized that the tedious job of previewing promos and picking which ones to use--very time-consuming in a tape-based system--would be replaced by a simple selection process that allows them to choose any file with a double-click, then use the cursor to select cuts for viewing or editing. They were just thrilled by that capability."