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Omneon rolls out simultaneous HD, SD playback from single timeline

Continuing to extend the integrated HD functionality of Omneon Spectrum media servers, Omneon Video Networks has introduced a new system capability that enables broadcasters to playback SD and HD content simultaneously from a single timeline of any combination of SD and HD source clips.

With built-in up and down conversion, the new system delivers integrated playback and simplifies the transition to HD.

The MultiPort 4100 series, a family of interface devices for MPEG-2 decoding that can support simultaneous playback of both SD and HD MPEG-2 material, make the simultaneous HD and SD support possible.

The series gives broadcasters the benefit of working with SD and HD on the same timeline. Operators not only can mix SD and HD material to create a single output channel but also use one program timeline consisting of intermixed SD and HD material to create two simultaneous outputs.

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