OConnor Adds Support, Lens Accessories for Sony F5/F55 Cameras

BURBANK, CALIF.— OConnor, a division of Vitec Videocom, has added support and lens accessories for Sony’s F5 and F55 4K cameras, enabling cinematographers to operate cameras in large or small lens cine set-ups.

The F5 and F55 share the same camera body weigh less than five pounds (2.3kg). Outfitted with a prime lens and viewfinder, the cameras will remain under 10 pounds (4.5kg), within the range of OConnor’s 1030D and 1030Ds fluid heads (maximum payloads 30 pounds and 41 pounds respectively). When camera crews take advantage of the Sony cameras’ modular designs, the two heads can quickly adjust the counterbalance to account for the addition of optional viewfinders, recorders and batteries, with payload range to spare.

When the F5 and F55 are built-up with large zoom lenses and full-size cine-style accessories, OConnor’s 2575D fluid head, with its maximum payload of 90 pounds (40.8kg) can take over. Should the demands of the shoot require a quick stripping down of the F5 or F55, there’s no need to switch to another fluid head. The wide range of the 2575D’s counterbalance as well as pan and tilt drag will continue to provide the famous OConnor feel, regardless of the payload.

To provide professional lens control for the F55 in larger setups, OConnor’s CFF -1 (Cine Follow Focus) offers follow focus design and technology in a modular design. OConnor’s follow focus is intended for large diameter lenses and ensures compatibility with current and future optical systems. The CFF-1 integrates seamlessly with accessories including whips, gears and cranks, while creating a new standard in compatibility.

For smaller 15mm LWS cine setups, OConnor’s Universal Baseplate can be used to mount standard cine industry accessories. The camera platform is engineered to allow optical axis centering of the lens to the correct rod measurement. It also can interface with standard studio bridgeplates for setups where large or weighty zoom lenses require support, adapting to a studio 15mm or 19mm bridge plate by changing out the rods.

For smaller setups, the O-Focus Dual Mini cine features compact, double-sided direct drive follow-focus in a Cine Set configuration that utilizes the CFF-1 Studio Handwheel for a transmission ratio suited for cine lenses with an expanded focus scale.

Operators can also add the O-Box WM 2-stage mattebox with integrated handgrip interfaces, as well as add O-Grip handles.