NVERZION supplies automation, distribution solution for Ohio PBS stations

The eTech Ohio Commission has added a customized suite of NVERZION content distribution and automation solutions to support the implementation of edge media servers at each of Ohio's eight PBS affiliates, including: WBGU, WCET, WGTE, WNEO, WOSU, WOUB, WPTD and WVIZ.

Beyond backup automation, NVERZION's content distribution architecture provides a way to manage and distribute content between eTech Ohio and each affiliate, as well as among the affiliates themselves.

At eTech Ohio's network operations center, two NVERZION NTime solutions manage all time-based router events, and Omneon Video Servers deliver A/V output to the eight affiliates.

Each affiliate has also been provided with an Omneon MediaDeck server and NVERZION backup automation software. NVERZION's NGest product is used to manage the majority of the quality control and trimming of the A/V files, and XPlorer allows engineers to move data manually through the storage system for greater control and flexibility. NVERZION's XPansion software manages the distribution.

For more information, visit www.nverzion.com.