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NVerzion Gear Automates Rockville 11

SALT LAKE CITY: NVerzion has announced their outfitting of Rockville, Md.’s Rockville 11 government cable channel for complete 24/7 automation, providing for an efficient tapeless workflow.

Seeking to provide a cost-effective solution, NVerzion’s recommended solution included a Harris NEXIO video server, Miranda digital video router and a Ross Video XPression 3D HD character generator. The company wrapped it all up with a few of their own applications including NControl, NGest, NBase, NView and NPoint.

Rockville 11 is now able to schedule, automate and manage content as well as create dynamic graphic overlays, all from the video server.

"We are the City of Rockville's government access channel and we have to operate within strict budgetary constraints,” said Bridget Broullire, Rockville 11 station manager, in a press release. "Our integration vendor, Professional Products Inc., introduced us to NVerzion and recommended the company's products as the best solutions for our workflow. We were happy with the customization options with NVerzion and our team appreciates the user-friendly nature of the system."

NVerzion’s automation system is entirely vendor-agnostic, featuring numerous control protocols, archive and server configurations, master control protocols and protocols for controlling third-party devices.