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Nucomm rolls out CamPac miniature wireless COFDM camera transmitter

At NAB2004, Nucomm introduced the CamPac, a miniature 2- and 6/7GHz COFDM wireless camera transmitter designed to deliver full broadcast quality in a small, lightweight and rugged aluminum case that fits on the back of a portable video camera.

The transmitter mounts to professional cameras using a standard Anton/Bauer battery clip or Sony “V Clip.”

The CamPac consumes a low 12W of power at an output level of 0.5W. A low-power mode reduces the output to 0.25W. An output level of 1W is optionally available. The unit weighs two pounds and measures 6.85 by 1.50 by 3.84 inches.

The CamPac features a fully software-configurable modulator and can be reconfigured with multiple modulation formats in the field.

The CamPac has an integrated 4:2:2/4:2:0 MPEG-2 encoder and a COFDM modulator for multipath free transmission/reception. The CamPac can accept NTSC or PAL composite, component or SDI video. Two audio inputs are selectable between standard analog audio, AES/EBU digital audio or SDI de-embedded. The RF output is by a standard type N or F connector.

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