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NSCA Education Foundation awards scholarships

The NSCA Education Foundation recently awarded eight $1000 scholarships to students pursuing an education related to the commercial electronic systems industry. Scholarship winners were selected based on the presentation of their applications, grade point averages, work experiences and letters of recommendation.

Winners include Jess Ashby, Marc-Andrew Brooks, Cody Dixon, Erin Graham, Brad Groarke, Wesley Luce, Dawn Meade and Ross Nordeen. In their applications, the scholarship winners outlined their career goals, past experiences and hopes for the future. All share a love of the audio arts and a desire work professionally in a related field.

Once scholarship winner has built his own computer and plans to use his award to study IT. Another was exposed to TV production at age 9 and loves working hands-on with the equipment, while a third realized he wanted to work in live sound after attending Dave Matthews and Incubus concerts.

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