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NRK broadcasts Eurovision Song Contest with assistance of Riedel MediorNet

More than 120 million viewers worldwide tuned into the 55th Eurovision Song Contest May 29 televised from the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway.

The Eurovision Song Contest, like other large live television events, required special considerations for productions and broadcast of the competition. Usually that translates into several separate systems, lots of cabling and plenty of work.

This year, the Norwegian Broadcast Corp. (NRK) used an extensive installation from Riedel Communications to handle the event. Riedel's MediorNet technology combined and integrated the various parts of the event's infrastructure, such as cameras, intercom and lighting, into one communications and signal distribution backbone. The system transported a combination of Riedel MediorNet, Artist digital matrix intercom, Performer digital partyline intercom as well as the RockNet digital audio network.

Thirteen MediorNet Frames were used at the event. The frames routed and distributed the 25 HD and SD video signals as well as intercom data between the on-site MCR, the front of house (FOH), the commentary booth, the PA, the stage, the press center and the dressing room area. Various Artist control panels that were directly connected to the MediorNet installation could be easily routed and addressed.

An extensive Artist digital matrix intercom system provided the communications backbone of the event integrating the NRK and the OB team HD broadcast trucks, the MCR, the on-site event director room and the FOH into one single system. The remote Artist installation MCR that was situated in the broadcast center was integrated via a VoIP connection. The whole Artist installation was interfaced to the MediorNet installation via a MADI link. This ensured that all panels could be directly routed and accessed via the MediorNet installation.

To provide communication to the special cameras and the follow spots, NRK used a separate Riedel Performer digital partyline intercom installation with 26 Performer Beltpacks, also integrated via MediorNet.