NOS purchases multiple Inscriber Inca systems

NOS, the national broadcaster of the Netherlands, has purchased six Inca AutoCG systems from Inscriber to supplement their daily newscasts. As a recent addition to NOS' new studios, the Inca AutoCG systems will provide nine output channels for news delivery.

The Inca AutoCG will be used in conjunction with VMP Studio, one of Inscriber's professional character generators. News rundowns are created in the VMP Studio and passed via a standard network to the Inca system for playout. News operators control live playout through Direct Control, Inca AutoCG's operator control component, that provides a streamlined interface for content control, and can be remotely managed from anywhere on the network.

Inca AutoCG combines high-quality CG functionality with a variety of automation features that can automatically broadcast multi-layer graphics, clock, logos and real-time clip-to-clip dissolves on a single channel. Inca AutoCG is also fully compatible with Inscriber's existing line of character generators.

NOS' broadcasts have used Inscriber products for many years. This new installation was the result of close collaboration between Inscriber, Inscriber reseller MVS Video and NOS to equip NOS' new studios with a flexible, network-based environment.

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