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NorCom sets sights on expansion in the Middle East

Munich-based NorCom Information Technology has secured an order from 24-hour Turkish news channel TGRT Haber TV for its NCPower Pro media management system.

The contract with TGRT is part of a wider push into the Middle East market by the company. NorCom CEO Viggo Nordbakk sees Turkey as the gateway to the Middle East, adding that the contract is therefore of particular significance to the company.

Using NCPower Pro platform from NorCom, TGRT is able to provide its journalists with a highly modern platform allowing efficient allocation of tasks and a uniform editorial workflow. NCPower Pro operates as a planning, production, editorial and management system handling all multimedia content as well as providing archiving and research functions.

The modular nature of the system means that individual modules allow the separate steps in the workflow — such as digitization and data import, archiving, production and editing, transfer and transmission — to be sequenced seamlessly, avoiding media discontinuity.

The multimedia content generated using NCPower Pro is broadcast not only via conventional TV stations but can also be transmitted in the form of IPTV, VOD and Mobile TV.