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NMT Builds Two More HD Units

Torrance, CA--National Mobile Television (NMT) is building two new high definition television mobile units in 2004, with the first to roll out June 1. Additionally, NMT will roll out three more HD units for use in 2005, which will raise to 10 the number of HDTV mobile units in NMT’s existing fleet of 47. The two new trucks initially will be used for Fox Sport’s NFL games in the fall of 2004 and other HD events during the rest of the year.
"NMT must react to the growing needs and desires of our customers and we are committed to HDTV and its dramatic impact on the television industry," said Mark Howorth, chief executive officer of National Mobile Television. "This expansion of our fleet of HDTV units, as well as retiring some of our older units, further enhances NMT’s position as the leader in HD production."
In response to the growing demands of HDTV, NMT has selected its subsidiary Venue Services Group (VSG) to design and construct the two HD mobile units, HD7 and HD8. Also, NMT is in the process of converting two analog units to digital units. At the same time, NMT will be retiring three of its older analog units.
HD7 will be operational in June for the NBA Finals and HD8 will roll in August. The 53-foot expandos will feature Kalypso switchers, Thomson Grass Valley LDK-6000 multi-format HD cameras, Canon 86:1 and 100:1 lenses, SSL MT+ digital audio consoles, up to 24 channels of networkable replay, and Grass Valley Trinix routers (256X256 SD and 160X128 HD).
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