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NGP adds Synergy to Unity MediaNetwork

Nancy Glass Productions (NGP) recently added Archion Technologies’ Synergy solution to its Unity MediaNetwork to store increasing amounts of HD content and streamline its file-based workflow.

According to Jason Saro, senior Avid editor and Unity MediaNetwork administrator at NGP, the decision to add a 32TB Synergy UXE system was based on choosing the highest quality and cost-effective storage solution to handle entirely tapeless productions.

NGP is now working more in HD, and its storage needs have grown exponentially while the facility’s production timeframe has not. Each half-hour episode of a show, for example, can be shot entirely in HD over two to three weeks and then take about a week to edit.

All Synergy systems are preconfigured so they can just be plugged into the storage port on a Unity and a data set can be added or created.