NFL Films new facility standardizes audio on SSL consoles

NFL Films' new television and motion picture production facility in Mt. Laurel, N.J., features a completely serial digital video architecture with a full complement of Solid State Logic (SSL) analog and digital audio mixing consoles and related equipment.

NFL Films is a new 200,000 square-foot production and post-production facility. Studio A, the main scoring stage, features a Solid State Logic SL 9000 J Series SuperAnalogue Console(pictured).

The new 200,000 square foot facility officially opened this past June. The Russ Berger Design Group, a broadcast facility architect, and The Systems Group, a system integrator, built the facility’s different audio studios to match a demanding production schedule that includes 400 hours of programming each year on all the major networks plus HBO, ESPN and The History Channel. They also produce content for the Web site, home videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs.

The facility includes six recording studios, three music edit rooms, two scoring rooms and one large dubbing stage.

Studio A, the main scoring stage, features an SL 9000 J Series SuperAnalogue console. This room primarily handles the orchestral output of the two staff composers and recently recorded a 72-piece orchestra performing the soundtrack for the show "Hard Knocks."

A 48-fader Avant Digital Post/Film Console, which is able to access 192 channels, fills the position in the dubbing stage, Studio D. Jerry Mahler, vice president of audio, said they chose a digital console for this room to match the digital throughput of their new video capabilities. The six-week series "Hard Knocks," a trailer for Lowes Theater and a project for Sony Epic were recently posted in this room.

Rounding out the audio console list, Studio C, a mixing room, features the SSL Axiom-MT digital console, while Studio B features an SL 8000 console and Studio S offers an SL 6000 that services the facility’s large sound stage.

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