Nexstar Farms Out Retransmission Management

IRVING, TEXAS: Nexstar Broadcasting Group has hired a vendor to track its retransmission agreements, the company said to today. Nexstar tapped Cable Audit Associates of Denver to manage its retrans contracts with telco, cable and satellite operators. CAA will set up a subscriber data base for Nexstar, manage its retrans contracts, process remittance and perform other accounting tasks for Nexstar. Perry Sook, president, chairman and CEO of Nexstar said contracting its retrans management lets the company’s management team to back to running the company. It also provides Nexstar’s 63stations with a sort of collective-bargaining background when they go into retrans negotiations.

CAA does auditing and financial services work for more than 130 TV stations in 67 designated market areas, and it monitors around $10 billion in subscriber fees for 275 cable networks.

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