NewTek NDI Gives Support to NewsMaker Systems

MOORPARK, CALIF.—NewsMaker Systems has jumped on the NewTek Network Device Interface bandwagon, announcing that it will integrate its products with NDI to connect them with other NDI-enabled applications and devices. The NDI technology allows video and audio sources to be shared bi-directionally across a network.

NewsMaker provides a real-time bridge between MOS-enabled newsroom computer systems and NewTek TriCasterÒ multi-camera video production systems. With NDI, NewsMaker is able to monitor media assets created for playout in the TriCaster and the NewTek IP series. It also can control the NewTek gear with complete command over all live operations.

NewsMaker Systems will support additional features that will come with NDI 2.0, an updated software development kit that will be available starting in the fourth quarter 2016. New features of the NDI 2.0 include 16-bit per channel support, 16 channels of floating point audio, improved cross subnet support, integrated fail-safe support, and network-based re-routing support.