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NewTek introduces integrated video production suite

NewTek, manufacturer of 3D animation and video products, is now shipping the VT[3], its new integrated production suite for professional video production.

The VT[3] provides real-time layering and effects for video and graphics in virtually any input standard or file format and operates internally in uncompressed D1 component video. It includes integrated timeline and storyboard editing, paint, 3D modeling and animation, titling, keying, and live-switching.

Live production capabilities include live switching of DV cameras and decks connected via the host system's Firewire ports, as well as switching of 8 component, 8 Y/C or 24 composite sources with the SX-8 option. Any of the hundreds of DVEs supplied with the software may be applied to live sources, as well as titling and graphics from the integrated character generator as a downstream key.

VT[3] includes full 3D control of the position, rotation and scaling of layers, with soft and colored borders, cropping, shadows and many other parameters available.

VT[3] offers built-in integration for a wide range of popular tools for film and television visual effects, including Digital Fusion, After Effects, combustion, 3ds max, and more. VT[3]'s built-in frame buffer output support for these applications provides artists with instant feedback on what their shots, graphics elements, and composites will look like at broadcast time.

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