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New Zealand's MediaWorks TV migrates broadcast management to Pilat Media IBMS V6

Pilat Media Global, supplier of business management software to the media industry, has announced that New Zealand broadcaster MediaWorks TV has completed a successful migration of its operations to Version 6 of the Pilat Media Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) for both TV3 and FOUR.

"Pilat Media's IBMS has been the core of our business since 2003, driving virtually every aspect of our broadcasting operation. With IBMS, we've been able to optimise sales profitability, streamline resources, and access the management information we need to make strategic decisions," said Peter Crossan, CFO, MediaWorks. "With Version 6, we're looking forward to building on that foundation to add significant new business management capabilities, such as e-bookings and crossplatform sales, to support our video-on-demand offerings."

TV3 launched in November 1989, and in 2008 it was the first private television network in New Zealand to introduce HD broadcasts. The new IBMS Version 6 infrastructure will enable the network to fully integrate all sales, traffic, and content functions including acquisition and planning, scheduling and playout of media assets, and content inventory and rights. Key features of IBMS Version 6 for MediaWorks TV include its mainstream component architecture, ability to cache data locally to reduce network traffic, and the 64-bit option, which will allow the network to add more users per server.

With the migration to IBMS Version 6, MediaWorks is taking advantage of several significant usability and productivity upgrades, including an enhanced GUI based on the Microsoft.NET framework. Other improvements are geared towards boosting user productivity, such as mandatory field indicators and new grid functionality such as pivot tables, column choosers, and column sorting, and exporting data to industry-standard formats.