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New version of MOS protocol released

The MOS Group, a collection of industry vendors and media organizations, has released the latest version of the MOS Protocol that is said to improve speed and performance of digital newsroom production equipment. Version 2.8 includes new tools that enable equipment and software vendors to create smarter, faster and more seamlessly integrated applications for broadcast newsrooms.

In addition, MOS-enabled desktop plug-ins, which provide media browse and edit functions on the journalist's desktop, no longer require special versions to operate with specific newsroom computer systems. Now all MOS v2.8-compliant newsroom systems can use all MOS v2.8 media controls, regardless of vendor.

The latest version of MOS also includes detailed descriptions of how to apply the MOS Protocol to the seven areas of basic functionality and workflow; called "Profiles." In order to use MOS and display the MOS logo vendors must support at least two of these Profiles. Vendors must also list the specific profiles they are compatible with along side the MOS logo.

The MOS Group said Profiles allow customers to compare products when shopping for new equipment to support specific functionality. These Profiles also facilitate better and more seamless integration, because basic application of the protocol is no longer open to subjective interpretation, it said.

The new MOS v2.8 Protocol specification can be downloaded at

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