New Telecast Fiber CopperHead Visa provides direct link between camera, third-party TX/RX

Telecast Fiber Systems has launched the CopperHead Visa, the latest member of its CopperHead family of camera-mounted fiber optic transceiver systems.

The CopperHead Visa provides a smooth, seamless fiber optic link between remotely deployed HD news gathering cameras and any third-party transmit/receive and audio embedder/de-embedder systems, such as the Evertz Video PassPort.

Unlike other CopperHead transceivers, the CopperHead Visa requires no base station. Instead, it provides a direct fiber optic link between the HD camera and the video processing unit installed in an ENG or OB truck. The CopperHead Visa takes the camera's video and embedded audio signals and transforms them into optical signals for transport on fiber cable across a distance of more than 5000ft without any loss of signal quality.

A video processing system, like the Evertz PassPort, in the truck then transforms the optical signals back into video and de-embeds the audio. That same processing device simultaneously sends a return video feed, with embedded IFB audio, back to the CopperHead Visa mounted on the camera, where up to two channels of IFB audio are de-embedded for crew communications.