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New Technology Campus to deliver snapshot of the future at IBC2011

IBC2011 will deliver a glimpse — an extraordinarily clear glimpse, that is — into the future of broadcast and media technology at its New Technology Campus.

A highly anticipated feature among technology aficionados, the New Technology Campus this year will take visual perception to a new level with three separate technologies and integrate touch and smell with a fourth. Home to non-commercial technologies still under development in the lab, the campus will also give those in attendance a chance to see firsthand several other cutting-edge developments.

Once again, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp.) will highlight the latest developments for its Super Hi-Vision broadcasting system. At this year’s event, NHK will show new pieces of the Super Hi-Vision system, including an eight-channel video switcher and slow-motion equipment. With 16 times the resolution of conventional HDTV, Super Hi-Vision has been attracting attention at IBC since 2006. Other Super Hi-Vision developments at this year’s convention will include a live transmission from London and footage of a Space Shuttle launch.

Adjacent to the Super Hi-Vision display in the New Technology Campus, attendees can continue their journey into visual excellence by taking in 180-degree panoramic images delivered from OmniCam, an array of six HD cameras.

High Dynamic Range imaging also will demonstrate a significant advancement in the ability of visual media to capture and display images. The University of Warwick will demonstrate the entire pipeline from acquisition to display using HDR technology, which can record a dynamic range similar to that of the human eye.

Not to leave out the other senses, technology from Japan’s NICT will combine sight and sound with touch and smell in the Multi-Sensory Interaction System to be displayed in the New Technology Campus.
The campus will also provide researchers from KDDI with a forum to demonstrate a social TV app that analyzes online opinions about a show and display it on a mobile device, and developers from ETRI with a showcase for its TV controller that tracks the gaze of a viewer.

All the technologies on display in the New Technology Campus are in their research and development phase and not available commercially. The IBC Technical Papers Committee selects participants in the New Technology Campus for their relevance to the conference program.

IBC2011 will be held Sept. 8-13 in Amsterdam at the RAI Center.