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New Spielberg Streaming Series Can Only Be Watched at Night

Director Stephen Spielberg has written about a half dozen episodes of a new horror series for his friend Jeffrey Katzenberg’s new Quibi streaming service, due to debut next year. But there’s a catch—Spielberg will only allow the series (tentatively titled “Spielberg After Dark’) to be viewed after midnight, according to Variety.

To accomplish this, the series will only be available on mobile phones, in which the GPS tracks the phone’s geographic location. A clock on the phone will count down until the sun sets in the viewer’s area. After the sun sets, the clock starts ticking until sunrise, after which the series won’t be viewable until the next evening.

Katzenberg’s plan for Quibi is to popularize short-form programming outside of the usual 30-60 minute programming tradition. Quibi has invested $1 billion in advance of an April 2020 launch.

Variety has the story.