New Small-profile, Long-range TV Antennas Introduced

FLORISSANT, MO.: The folks at Antenna Pros say they’ve come up with new long-range TV antennas that can actually fit in an attic. The Reflector Series line is described as “long-range, digital, outdoor HDTV” compatible.

“These antennas use the latest technology to give users a powerful high gain antenna that is small enough to fit in your attic,” the company says.

Three models comprise the series, the AX-903, AX-906, and AX-909. All have the same power and features, Antenna Pros said, but they “look slightly different” to give people “a choice in the look and feel of their DTV antenna.” All have remote-control rotation, and run around $70.

The moniker is derived from the design, which includes a “reflector dish to amplify the antennas’ power.” Antenna Pros says they’ll pull in signals from as far as 100 miles.

“The reflector dish on the Antenna Pros antennas are an upgrade over the older versions because the reflector dish is able to help focus the signals and make them more stable,” the company says. “This is a feature that has not been offered before in the compact long-range digital antenna market.”

The antenna comes with 30 feet of RG6 coaxial cable and the remote-control gear. The control unit has an on off switch to turn the high-gain booster on or off. The control unit also has two outputs and with splitters, can support eight TVs. They primarily target the UHF band.