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New PBS Datacast Service Launches

The Digital Network (TDN), a distributed application network company funded by Dallas public broadcaster KERA, has announced the launch of its datacasting services.

The new service has received initial funding from KERA and the Pacific Mountain Network, a Denver-based consortium of PBS stations. TDN's technology manages the distribution of digital files to multiple locations on a time-shifted basis by using excess or opportunistic bandwidth generated during HDTV broadcasts.

The company's goal is to build a national network using the PBS members' digital to distribute programming and generate additional revenues. The service will also target corporations, as well as other regional or national organizations.

The full service offering includes a turnkey solution of hardware and software as well as administrative and customer services, sales and marketing support. The service has already been employed by KERA to service schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a robust K-12 digital library of supplemental eduationcal content. TDN is also piloting a mobile asset deployment application with a local public safety agency and is working with The University of Texas Medical Branch Telehealth Center to provide continuing nursing education courses.