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New Fujinon HD telephoto lens gets close

Looking to make mid-range focal lengths more accessible, Fujinon has unveiled its new HD telephoto lens, designed for hard cameras and handheld cameras that use system expanders. The XA50X9.5B ESM-D features the same optics as the XA50X9.5 lens, introduced at the 2009 NAB Show in April.

The cost-effective XA50X9.5B ESM-D is designed for smaller venues and applications that do not require extremely high magnification. It is ideal for basketball arenas and certain camera positions in other professional and collegiate sports coverage, as well as houses of worship and corporate events. Rental companies that already have the build-up kits or a Fujinon lens adapter only have to buy the lens.

The XA50X9.5B ESM-D offers 50X magnification and a 9.5mm to 475mm focal length coupled with excellent F-stop ramping characteristics. A remote control 2X extender is standard. The maximum relative aperture is 1.7 from 9.5mm to 311mm and only 2.6 at 475mm. The minimum object distance is 9.8ft from the front of the lens.

Built-in moisture absorbing technology reduces fogging caused by humidity and improves reliability. Plus, the new lens features Fujinon’s exclusive Digi Power digital servo control system, which enhances the performance of both zoom and focus functions.