New Egyptian Satellite TV Channel Kitting Up for HD/SD

Hawa Limited is using a range of Harris high-definition/standard-definition (HD/SD) broadcast server and graphics solutions for its new Egyptian private satellite television channel, On.

A Harris NEXIO 3600HDX server with 4.8 TB of storage and supplementary Inscriber RTX HD broadcast graphics systems were recently added to the new OTV studio to facilitate the broadcast of On in the coming months. Hawa Limited, which launched its first channel, OTV, last year, is using Harris solutions to handle live recording, production and transmission at the new OTV studio facility located at the Egyptian Media Production City in 6th of October City, Egypt. The installation includes multiple Harris NEXIO NX4000TXS transmission server systems, Inscriber G3 HD/SD-selectable character generator (CG) systems and Inscriber RTX broadcast graphics systems.

“A key influencer in our decision-making process was the outstanding reputation the Harris NEXIO server enjoys in the worldwide broadcast community — particularly in the Middle East, where many broadcasters use NEXIO for transmission and live applications,” said Albert Shafik, technical director, Hawa Limited. “Our colleagues at other television stations in the region consider the NEXIO server to be the best-in-class platform, and one that has achieved tremendous success. We wanted to share in that success by launching our channel using this technology.”

OTV is a general entertainment channel that targets Egyptian youth and reflects Egyptian life and society. Its programming is a combination of OTV-developed and acquired content and includes movies, episodic programs and live shows. OTV is the first in a series of culture, arts and music channels planned by Hawa Limited for the region.