New Consumer Antenna Targets DTV Signals

ClearStream Convertible

Antennas Direct, a St. Louis-based manufacturer of off-air consumer television antennas, has launched the ClearStream Convertible antenna specifically targeting digital signals. The company touts the ClearStream as a replacement for “rabbit-ear” antennas.

“We expect the ClearStream Convertible to be an extremely popular alternative to rabbit ears,” said Richard Schneider, president of Antennas Direct. “We generally recommend installing our antennas outside to achieve optimum lock-in of digital signal. But if you live within 30 miles of the transmitting towers and your rabbit ears don’t work, this may be the one you need.”

The new tapered loop-type antenna is compact—its removable reflector is just 12-inches square—and as the unit’s neck can move through 90 degrees, it may be positioned on the television set, nearby wall, on a table, or even outside of a window. Gain is specified at 8.1 dB and beam width is 70 degrees. Antennas Direct says that the antenna is optimized for UHF and high-band VHF reception.