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New cloud-based mapping application sheds light on wireless, cable, telecom ecosystem

Want to find out just about any detail imaginable regarding wireless, cable and telecom coverage in the United States in a highly local, customizable way? Look no further than American Roamer’s new MapELEMENTS cloud-based interactive mapping application.

MapELEMENTS, which contains more than 5000 layers of detailed information on the industries, is an application that lets users view and analyze the information from one platform. The data should be useful to strategic decision makers who need a geographic look at different data sets relate to clients, competitors, assets or industry influencers.

TV broadcasters, who have been identified by the FCC as the source of spectrum to meet future wireless broadband demand, may find MapELEMENTS to be a valuable source of information.

“MapELEMENTS gives industry decision makers the intelligence to make sound business decisions, acquire and retain customers and execute with a solid information base,” said Bryan Darr, president and CEO of American Roamer.

MapELEMENTS makes overlapping data sets understandable and easy to work with and provides powerful mapping functionality directly to decision makers.