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New blog for broadcast engineers

Gary Stigall has created BENX, a Web log ("blog") for broadcast engineering. Stigall said he created BENX.US to help broadcast engineers to communicate with each other. In case you are wondering, BENX is short for "Broadcast Engineers' News and Exchange."

In his posting announcing BENX.US, Stigall said, "The site is inspired by the work of friend Bob Gonsett and his 'CGC Communicator'. His reports started as a regional southern California monthly broadside and have morphed into a big, friendly, often national, weekly bulletin. He's put in countless hours through the years compiling FCC bulletins, editing letters for publication, and formatting all that stuff for his newsletter, and we all appreciate it."

"What is intended here is a way to take the load off Bob and give you the reader immediate, national news, a way to post your opinions, your history, and your photos, all in an automated fashion. It's not intended to replace the excellent job done by the trade publications like 'Radio World,' 'TV Technology,' and 'Broadcast Engineering.'"

Stigall has asked engineers to participate.

"Join the forum. Submit links to stories you've found online. Send your long war stories and photos for publication on a dedicated page. Don't be afraid to submit your e-mail address - it won't be published. This is not a spammers' e-mail address magnet, nor is it currently tied to any commercial venture."

Note that the URL for BENX is - no www and a ".us" instead of ".com!" Check it out!