New ATIS IPTV standards establish management, security protocols

ATIS released two technical and operations standards for IPTV to assist in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of content in an interoperable environment, the standards body said June 12.

“Remote Management of Devices in the Consumer Domain for IPTV Services” (ATIS-0800009) builds upon earlier ATIS IIF standards requirements and DSL Forum Technical Requirements (TR)-069. The document addresses IPTV architecture, focusing on its ability to provision the Delivery Network Gateway (DNG) and IPTV Terminal Function (ITF) and collect information about the DNG and ITF remotely.

It also covers remote Device Management (DM) architecture, software downloading, provisioning of parameters, status monitoring, remote diagnostics, fault recovery and security management.

“Secure Download and Messaging Interoperability Specification” (ATIS-0800014), proposes a method for the secure download of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) operating code as well as an approach to establish a secure environment for the installation and updates for middleware and applications for the IPTV receiving device.