system enhances VOA announced that its Interactivity Suite (IS) is being used to incorporate social media into programming for Voice of America (VOA), the multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government. IS provides a single workflow for curating content — a critical component of VOA's strategy of audience engagement — while giving viewers a way to interact directly with their peers and those on the show.

IS gives producers a direct pipeline to real-time commentary and input from the social world, and is an easy way of getting that social content into Chyron graphic templates. With IS, users can harvest and capture real-time social conversation, moderate and edit the content, and directly ingest it into the Chyron graphics machine for on-air playout. Rather than having to browse social media sites looking for good content and then manually copy and paste it into the graphics systems, daily users can now do it all from a single system, which greatly streamlines the workflow.

The IS is a toolkit for creating the technical backbone of interactive broadcasts and Social TV. IS supports true participation TV by enabling viewers to influence a broadcast in real time, and allowing them to interact with one another and the rest of the world. With IS, a broadcaster can effortlessly aggregate user-generated content from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook into programming, and even build synchronized companion apps that enable viewers to interact with their televisions using an iPad or tablet, PC or smartphone.