Netherlands Broadcasting prepares for HD

To prepare for HD broadcasting, Netherlands Broadcasting (NOS) has chosen OmniBus technology for its CyberNOS, a project that involves the creation of an HD-ready studio and two others equipped for SD broadcasting.

NOS produces live and pre-recorded news and sports programming for the three public broadcast channels in the Netherlands, and an online service providing 24/7 streamed video news.

The CyberNOS system encompasses a news operation supported by a central media management area where all incoming feeds are ingested simultaneously to Avid, Profile and IPV WM9 browse. The use of devices is dynamically allocated with up to 24 simultaneous lines being recorded at any time. Recordings are scheduled for recurring news feeds or can be triggered manually by the media operators.

Once fully implemented, the system will allow journalists working at more than 200 workstations to create content and monitor the progress of associated workflows, such as graphics and subtitle creation.

News and sports playout is from three fully equipped studios managed by OmniBus Columbus automation controlling Thomson Profile servers and other hardware, including Inscriber graphics and a Sony switcher.

Rundowns are passed to Columbus via MOS interface, with Avid iNews allowing editors to make live changes.

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