Net Insight launches Nimbra VA 210 video appliance

Net Insight has announced the launch of the Nimbra VA 210, a new video appliance that improves quality of service over unmanaged IP first-mile connections.

The Nimbra VA 210 expands network footprints to offer media service providers the opportunity to address markets that are currently out of their reach due to costs related to first-mile connectivity. Nimbra VA 210 will enable new channels for specialized content to be transported to users and subscribers in a profitable way.

Using unmanaged IP networks to deliver content with quality has long been a goal for media service providers looking to capitalize on the benefits that transporting media over these types of networks offer. However, unmanaged IP networks are engineered for best-effort data transfer, which results in low quality when used for video transport.

In areas such as remote sporting arenas and live events that target niche audiences, Net Insight’s Nimbra VA 210 offers media operators and broadcasters the opportunity to extend their network reach in an efficient way by using unmanaged IP networks to transport content with an acceptable level of quality for video contribution and in a way that significantly reduces costs for content creation and production.

By connecting Nimbra VA 210 video appliances to the nearest Nimbra MSR PoP, broadcasters can significantly reduce cost for first-mile connectivity and shift resources from transmission to content creation to improve their service offerings and attract new target audiences. 

The Nimbra VA 210 incorporates content-aware FEC, which reduces effective packet loss and selective retransmission of unrecoverable data loss. This coupled with dynamic rate control and clock synchronization, the Nimbra VA 210 can provide the reliable quality-of-service (QoS) layer.