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NEP Announces Newest Production Truck

PITTSBURGH: NEP Supershooters has announced the rollout of their newest high-def mobile production truck, SS22.

The truck is reported to demonstrate the company’s advances in quick setup and increased production efficiencies. Able to operate as a standalone truck or connect to other units via fiber optic for added resources, the truck is readily scalable to adapt to any job.

“NEP is a valued partner of ESPN on several projects and we are extremely excited about the new SS22 build,” said Wendell Grigley, coordinating director of event operations at ESPN, in a press release. “This truck will complement the NEP fleet putting a state of the art facility into our remote schedule.”

SS22 is equipped to handle 3D production, work on 3G networks and comes loaded with a full array of gear including a Calrec Apollo audio console with Bluefin, Sony HDC-1500 cameras, EVS XT2 servers and a GVG Kalypso switcher.

SS22’s fall production schedule includes providing support for the NFL on FOX, the NBA on ESPN and starting off this weekend supporting CBS at the PGA Championships.