NEP Adds Calrec Apollo Audio Console

Calrec recently announced that NEP has made another addition to its already large inventory of Calrec audio products used by the video production company. The latest is a 72 l-fader Apollo console that was installed in NEP’s new Denali California mobile production vehicle. The new truck was designed to operate in a standalone configuration and can support more than 20 cameras and is intended to be used where parking space for outside broadcast vehicles is limited.

“There's not a lot of parking at the Kennedy Center or at Radio City in Manhattan,” said George Hoover, chief technology officer at NEP. “Audio is handled out of one audio room with a single mixer doing both the podium portion of the awards show as well as all the music. The mixer may have dozens of wireless microphones on the talent plus playback elements and the orchestra. To get the job done, he needs a powerful desk with multiple layers and multiple faders on the main control surface--and that describes the Calrec Apollo.”

NEP has become basically an all-Calrec operation when it comes to audio consoles for its production trucks, with the selection based on the level of control access provided, equipment weight, integrated networking, reliability, overall quality of audio and other factors.