NEC launches new deep fiber solutions to meet HDTV on-demand era

NEC has launched two new additions to its AM3100 Series MSAN (Multiservice Access Node) product range — the AM3110 and AM3160. The AM3100 Series represents a generational shift in access technology with a total access platform family that meets all copper, fiber and wireless applications needs.

The AM3110 and AM3160 allow deep fiber deployment with lower incremental cost. The series’ small form factor and card flexibility means better matches for CAPEX to service growth.

The capacity of the AM3100 Series meets the deployment scenarios for next-generation deep-fiber access networks and gives telcos the support they require for rich multimedia services. The series is designed for high-density central office and large street cabinet deployments and delivers 280Gb/s backplane capacity, 10Gb/s capacity per slot and flexibility that can support multiple services. The AM3160 is designed for space-limited street cabinets and remote building equipment rooms. The AM3110 provides:

  • Scalable and cost-efficient MSAN: POTS, VDSL2, GPON, PDH, FE and GE service interfaces
  • Backplane capacity delivering 10Gb/s bidirectionally to each slot
  • Incorporates NEC’s latest GPON optics and chipset technology
  • Industry-standard PICMG ATCA architecture

The ultra-compact AM3160 is designed for deep fiber penetration. More slots of smaller granularity enhance the flexibility of the service offering and maximize space Features include:

  • VDSL2, POTS, SHDSL, PDH, FE and GE service interfaces
  • GE and GPON uplink interfaces
  • MicroTCA-based architecture ensures faster, more cost-effective development

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