NCTA Rolls Out Parental Guidance Program

The cable lobby this week unveiled a program to teach parents how to monitor what their kids get into on the Internet. Cable operators serving 90 percent of U.S. subscribers and 200 networks will be supporting the following tenants of the PointSmart.ClickSafe program:

• Free controls or filters to help manage and/or block online content;
• Educational resources for parents and children about managing Internet activities;
• Partnerships with school and community groups to promote Internet safety and media literacy;
• Cooperate as required with law enforcement officials to help prevent and prosecute potential criminal activity online.

Partners include The American Association of School Librarians; the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children; National PTA; the Public Library Association; and the State Educational Technology Directors Association.

Cable companies provide broadband service to more than 32 million residential and commercial subscribers.