NCP Buys Biggest Alpha Audio Console for HD Truck

U.K.-based Calrec has teamed up with New Century Productions (NCP) to design and build the world's biggest Alpha 100 audio console for NCP VII, its new HD truck.

NCP's senior vice president for engineering, Mike Mundt, said that the unit will be offered up for ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball," and other uses.

"The Alpha has the horsepower we need for the biggest possible events and is backed by the proven history of reliability and service that comes with owning a Calrec mixing desk," Mundt said.

The 226-channel console is configured with 96 stereo and 24 mono channels, and has a 72-fader control surface with a 24-fader sidecar.

Mundt also said that the benefit of digital over analog is operational rather than technical, because large events such as "Sunday Night Baseball" are complex for the audio operator. The audio operator has to manage hundreds of audio sources that all must be routed and grouped through the console for processing and control so that any given source can be available on a moment's notice.

NCP operates seven production trucks, six of which are 53-foot digital expandos and three of which are HD.