NBC Picks QuStream Cheetah Router for Olympics

NBC will be using a QuStream Cheetah 864XR series router in connection with its coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The unit will serve as the backbone of a complete teleproduction facility being installed for the network in the International Broadcast Center in Beijing.

"The Cheetah 864XR gives us a tremendous number of crosspoints in only 41 rack units," said David Mazza, NBC's senior vice president of engineering. "Other companies can require more than four equipment racks to provide the routing capacity that QuStream provides in only one. With real estate at an absolute premium in the IBC, the QuStream Cheetah 864XR was the right choice for us."

The NBC router is being equipped with both copper and fiber optic I/O cards and will include an interface allowing it to be controlled by the Sony S-BUS remote router control system.